The Giona gown is the perfect combination of traditional heritage and bold beauty. Take a peek at the collection of photos below, to see the romance and beautiful brides for yourself.

All eyes on HER.

If you’ve taken a glimpse at our Instagram this week, you’ll have noticed we’re celebrating the Giona gown.

Out of all our gorgeous brides who have chosen to wear the Giona, and in considering their infinite variations of the dress, accessories, wedding decor and choice of location; there always seems to be a common thread between them all. Giona weddings are timeless. They’re lively. They’re romantic and vibrant, all at once. Giona weddings are a seamless cocktail of classic fairytale beauty, whilst remaining true to the bride at the heart of it all.

As with most #JGB gowns, our brides have chosen to slightly alter Giona to make the gown unique to her. Real Bride Mia chose full-length sleeves and a high neck detail, whilst Real Bride Andreia styled her gown with a glamorous headpiece. Each bride’s unique take on the dress celebrates her individuality, whilst honouring the romance of the Giona gown. The result? A romantic wedding with a simple ode to the tradition of bridal couture, all whilst honouring a beautiful bride who looks truly happy in her own skin.

The Giona gown features a thick french guipure lace, overlaying a latte liquid silk satin slip. She features a sweetheart strapless neckline and a structured bodice. Though of course, as with all Jennifer Go gowns, all details are customisable.

We’re not sure if it’s the gown, or if it’s the brides who have chosen to wear her, but there’s one thing for certain. There’s just something about Giona.

Take a peek at the collection of photos from #JGB Real Brides to see the romance for yourself.

Real Bride Mia

Photos courtesy of Pierce Weddings Photography

Real Bride Andreia

Photos courtesy of LOOK Imaginary

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