To Veil or Not to Veil

Controversial topic: VEILS.

It may seem trivial, but it can be one of the biggest decisions a bride will make. Aside from choosing a husband, of course.

I know, I know, you're probably thinking we're exaggerating. Just another over zealous bridal store with a penchant for accessories. Whilst there might be a small truth to that, don't write us off just yet.

After many a bridal appointment in the Jennifer Go Paddington atelier, we've found our brides are almost always certain of what they want. Gowns are a dime a dozen. Mermaid skirts, A-line skirts, tulle skirts, sequin skirts. The options are endless. But a veil? Brides are certain of veils. Yes or no. Definitely not maybe so.

On occasion, a bride will enter the store determined to buck tradition. I'm not one of those brides! And then, with a slight nudge and soft encouragement from mum, big sis or best friend, she'll pop a veil on. Quite often she'll stay firmly grounded in her choice. But once in a blue moon, she'll have a moment. The moment every bride dreams of when they dream of their wedding gown. The moment where everything is silent, and that little feeling within her, sings out to the world. That same little feeling she had when she said the ever resounding 'YES' to her fiance.

So whilst you might think you know exactly what you want. Don't be afraid to give a veil a try... you might just surprise yourself!

In an effort to end the dispute once and for all, we've compiled a short compilation of photos of our favourite #JGB Real Brides, each posing strong arguments for and against the world's most controversial accessory.

Just like choosing a husband, deciding on whether or not to wear a veil is a fairly personal decision. Only one that you can make. So, to answer the eternal dispute: to veil or not to veil? We think it's best we leave that decision to you. After all, you probably already know the answer.

Take a peek below... veil or no veil, we think each of our brides looks drop dead beautiful.

xx JGB

To Veil:

... Or Not To Veil:

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