JGB's 3 Most - Loved Destination Weddings

There’s something about... destination brides.

We’re very lucky at Jennifer Go HQ. We receive so much wonderful support from our brides and are forever receiving snaps from our beautiful bride’s celebrations. Out of all the wonderful photos we’ve come across, we’re always pulled back to the beautiful weddings from abroad.

With more and more brides choosing to tie the knot in far away destinations, we’re constantly inspired by their venues. Whether it’s a Mexican fiesta or a Hawaiian oasis, we adore creating bespoke gowns to match our bride’s chosen locale.

We’re not sure if it’s the dress, the locale, or a combination of both ~ but we’re absolutely besotted by these gorgeous brides! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite #JGBRIDE destination weddings to inspire your destination hunting ~ maybe you’ll be inspired to create a destination inspired gown of your very own!

1. Mia ~ Bespoke ‘Giona’ gown ~ Mexico

Mia tied the knot in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Inspired the cobblestones streets and traditional authenticity of the location, we made a long sleeve ensemble with a high neck detail ~ oh so sophisticated! Mia’s gown is a bespoke version of the ‘Giona’ Gown, featuring complete French guipure lace. Her wedding photos feature splashes of colour from Mexico’s cobblestone streets. Mia's gown fits the location perfectly, we couldn't dream of a better pair!

Photos courtesy of Pierce Lifestyle Photography, Mariana's web page can be found here: https://www.pierceweddings.com/.

2. Tash ~ Bespoke Gown ~ Hawaii

Tash wed her new husband in Lanikuhonua - Oahu, Hawaii! We carefully sourced lace with a mesh detail, laying the foundations for Tash’s entirely bespoke creation. Tash came to us with a vision, she knew what she wanted and we were lucky enough to see the whole process through from start to finish. Tash’s gown held a classic shape, with some unique elements thrown in to match her personality. Tash loved that she felt like herself in the gown, whilst also looking very much like a bride-to-be. We couldn't agree with her more.

Photography courtesy of Chelsea Stratso

3. Lynn ~ Ophelia Gown ~ Thailand

Lynn wed in a tropical destination wedding in beautiful Thailand. Lynn chose the Ophelia gown, a perfect match for her beachside location. Her gown is the perfect combination of casual chic, with a beaded lace detail draping over her shoulders. Lynn’s wedding is a tropical oasis, and we hope her gown made her day all the more special.

Photography by Blush Wedding Photography

For more on Lynn's wedding, check out her wedding featured on the Ruffled Blog

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