'The Pippa Effect'

A week later and we’re still reeling from first glimpses of Pippa Middleton’s coveted wedding gown.

With subtle nods to big sis, Pippa’s gown was every bit her own, without straying too far from tradition.

For months we’ve heard rumours of what she might or might not be wearing, stirring spirited debates around the office. After endless speculation, we’re very much besotted by the end result!

For those who are just as in love as we are, we’ve curated a small selection of gowns that hint to Pippa’s classically beautiful gown. We’ve dug through the archives of our favourite JGB Real Bride’s, and come across a few Jennifer Go Bridal original gowns that remind us of Pippa’s gorgeous gown. Behold, the Pippa Middleton Effect:

Real Bride Elle ~ 'Danae' Gown

Photographer: Sweet Motions Photography

Real Bride Phoung - 'Danae' Gown

Photographer: George F Photographer

Real Bride Mia ~ Bespoke 'Giona' Gown

Photographer: Pierce Lifestyle Photography

To create your very own bespoke gown with hints of Pippa's classic, beautiful style, make an appointment with us here today.

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