5 Reasons French Women do Bridal Style Better

It goes without saying, French women do everything better. Especially when it comes to weddings. From their bridal style to their chosen decor, here's a list of reasons why we're especially fond of the way French women do bridal.

1. French brides have two gowns, not one.

A traditional French wedding includes two ceremonies, la mairie and the L’église. For this, french women insist, two gowns are necessary. And we don’t blame them, it’s the perfect excuse to have both the gowns you love!

2. French Weddings are less about the bride & more about the family.

There’s something selfless about this tradition, and we think it’s quite beautiful. In France, the wedding day is a celebration of the bride and groom’s families coming together. It’s the bride’s day, but she shares it with her loved ones… as it should be!

3. French wedding’s are effortless & beautiful all at once.

French women exude effortless beauty, and their weddings are no different. No gaudy events or over the top exhibitions in France. Just simple, effortless, & beautifully styled events.

4. Croquembouche is a common bridal dessert.

Many French brides opt for a tower of cream filled choux pastries, or ‘La Piece Montee’, for their wedding cake. Dessert inspiration, perhaps?

5. The reception may last for more than a few hours!

French weddings will happily continue until the early hours of the morning, dancing and celebrating with all the newlywed’s friends and loved ones. A beautiful way to celebrate a very special day!

We recently made a gown for Real Bride Flore-Anne’s La Mairie ceremony, and are currently creating her second gown for her L’église! Below are images of her beautiful couture gown, handmade in our Paddington studio, using lace supplied by the beautiful bride herself. Watch this space for more on Flore-Anne’s french ceremonies…

Photography by Paq Photography.

To make your very own bespoke gown, make an appointment with us here or simply email us at hello@jennifergobridal.com.


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