L'Etoile Collection 2017

Our long awaited L'Etoile Collection 2017 is finally here! Jennifer Go and the team have been working so hard on this for the past few months. We are so excited to share the collection with everyone. We asked Jennifer Go some questions about the new collection below. See what she has to say!

R: Where did you find inspiration for this collection?

J: I am constantly inspired by women and my brides when designing. I do look to some trends and what my brides are asking more of but I also wanted to explore how to express the strength and femininity women embody. I found inspiration in classic ballet silhouettes and movements.

R: What's your favourite gown in this range?

J: Personally, I really love the Giselle gown. It's something I wanted to bring into the range for a while because it's so effortless and classic. If brides want they can dress it up with a sparkly sash. I think it's beautiful with a contemporary twist.

R: The sheer brocade laces look gorgeous! Are you planning to use more of that in bespoke styles as well?

J: Yes they are! They're actually sourced from Italy and we've been able to get our hands on some stunning Venetian laces that have a wonderful sheer and heavy brocade pattern to them. I love working with interesting new fabrics in a classic way. The French beaded lace is still a winner for me as well as the new drill fabrics which really hold their structure in gowns.

Watch our behind the scenes video below! We were so lucky to have found a cosy boathouse in the Northern beaches. It already had a hammock, day bed and all the rustic decor that really added to the daydreamy photoshoot!

Our L’Etoile 2017 collection exudes the warmth and timelessness of being truly in love. The soft silk pieces remain as a signature while contemporary details are mixed in, speaking to the stylish yet elegant bride. This collection represents the grace and strength that women embody and is inspired by the unique beauty in an everlasting romance.


Photographer: ​ourcarouselstudios.com

Hair and Makeup: veronikamoreira.com

Model: Sandra Nadja

Florist: thefleurist.com.au

See the rest of the L'Etoile look book here. To try on and see the new L'Etoile Collection at the boutique, make an appointment with us here or just email us at hello@jennifergobridal.com.


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