The Unplugged Wedding

So you've got your guest list, venue, photographer, videographer, flowers, catering, celebrant and bridesmaids gowns (the list does go on)....most things are pretty much sorted or on their way to be! And while you browse on Pinterest and wedding blogs of the world wide web you come across real weddings in recent years where people have opted to not let their guests use their phones. There's no wedding hashtag encouragement on the day and there are various photos of beautifully written signs at the entrance to the wedding ceremony which kindly asks guests to put their phones away, put it on silent, switch it off, just don't take photos please! It's basically the same rules that apply for when you're watching a film at the cinema.

"I think you can take and post photos with your friends at the reception, but I wouldn't use a phone during the ceremony because I think that's a really special moment to witness." - Jennifer

"I'm always on my would be really hard! But I was at a friend's wedding who had many instant cameras available for guests and it was so fun to not use my phone all the time." - Roxane

So what are your thoughts on this? How does a bride and groom to-be decide on this topic? Are you indifferent? Do you think people should be able to do whatever they want at your wedding? Even though you're spending thousands of dollars on a professional photographer, videographer, and photo-booth hire, oh and the 20 Fuji Instax Polaroids you hired with what seems to be unlimited Instax film! Okay...this is a really tough one so we've made a Pros and Cons list for you!

PROS - Let guests use their phones if they want! It doesn't bother you.

  • You never know what funny or lovely moments guests can capture.

  • It might be important for guests to have some photos for their memories too

  • You won't have your phone ready that day really, but your friends can help you take selfies and snapchat stories that you can ask them to send to you after the wedding

  • Who doesn't love a selfie?

CONS - Implement an unplugged wedding! Help your mates take half a day off from technology!

  • You think it's kind of rude to take photos of the bride and groom instead of actually just soaking the moments in

  • It's probably healthy for guests to be phone-less for just a few hours at least

  • You don't really want to pay for wedding photos of guests taking photos of you or each other

  • You don't want to be snapchatted all day and night by that one friend

  • The professional photographers, videographers, photo-booth and film cameras you hired will do a much better job than some people's phones

You could also have the best of both worlds and ask your guests to be unplugged until after you're pronounced husband and wife or after the first dance. What will you decide on for your wedding day?


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