How to know if you've found 'the one'

Welcome to our first post on the Jennifer Go Bridal Couture blog! We came up with 10 signs for brides to know whether they've found 'the one'! These signs are also things that we love about our work here at the boutique. We love it when brides are so excited and happy about their gown. If you are experiencing quite a few of the 10 signs below then you should probably book an appointment to re-try that wedding dress!

1. You don't want to get out of the gown!

You're doing everything you can to stay in it at the boutique for a bit longer. Trying different poses in the mirror and you're thinking about the details of what it would be like once it is fitted to you.

2. After all the gowns you've tried on, you keep thinking about this one There were some final contenders at the end, around 2-3. But after a week has passed, or even two weeks, you start only really thinking about that one gown. You're thinking of how stunning the photos will look, how fun it will be to dance in and how magical it will feel as you walk down the aisle.

3. You feel comfortable in it

You know you will be comfortable and be able to sit down, walk around and dance all night in it! The support it gives you or the support the designer will include for you will solve all your worries. Most importantly, you still feel like yourself in it.

4. You don't care about other people's opinions

You may have an opinionated BFF or your mother may have loved that other gown slightly more but you feel the best in this one and you're going to stand your ground. You love it and you know they will love it too because you feel the happiest and most confident in this wedding dress!

5. You feel confident and the most beautiful in it

The other gowns you tried on were all nice but none of them really made you feel like this one has. You feel sure that you will be the most relaxed in this because it's your style and even if you are creating your very own bespoke gown, you know that from all the dresses you've tried on that this design is going to work. You already look and feel amazing!

6. You can picture your fiancé's amazed and adoring expression as you walk down the aisle

The thought of his reaction of seeing you in this gown walking down the aisle makes you smile. You can't wait to see how they look at you and smile, cry or cry-laugh!

7. The wedding gown has made someone emotional

There were gasps either from yourself or someone in the room when you came out wearing that gown. Tears may or may not have fallen during or after your appointment. Whether it's one of your bridesmaids or family, it's really struck a chord on some emotional strings.

8. You don't want to try on any more dresses

Because you don't need to. It's the one! For brides that are designing their own, you've tried on so many that you know this is what you want but can't find. This will be yours and yours only!

9. You're already thinking about the perfect accessories and hairstyles to complete your wedding look

The minor details of the dress are already sorted and all you want to do is find the perfect heels, hair accessories and jewellery to complete your look.

10. You absolutely love the gown

You know how beautiful it will make you look and feel, you love it and it shall be yours. End of story.


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